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Everett Injury to Children Attorneys

Everett Injury to Children Attorneys

The effects of an injury to a child or minor can be devastating. Our children are the most important parts of our lives. They are not only vulnerable, but they have so much of their lives ahead of them. Do not allow another person’s negligence to take away from your child’s opportunities and quality of life.

If your child was injured as the result of an auto crash, negligent supervision, institutional failure, or just plain negligence, Kadish Twersky attorneys offer more than 75 years of combined legal experience, representing children and their families in a positive and supportive manner during a difficult time in life.

Kadish Twersky lawyers are highly skilled in representing children or minors. Both Jeff Twersky and Glenn Kadish have been appointed by the Superior Court as settlement guardian ad litems, allowing them to represent the best interests of children and minors in court.

contact Kadish Twersky child injury lawyers today and pursue the financial compensation that your child and your family deserve after your child has been hurt.

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We were very satisfied with the representation of Kadish Twersky Law Firm in our injury case. We were treated with respect and you were very understanding when I was venting about the insurance company. I have referred clients to you and would use your firm in the future, if I need to, but hopefully not.


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