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Construction Site Injuries & Deaths

By Kadish Twersky on

We’ve all seen the signs at construction sites showing the number of days without injury accidents. However, it goes without saying that injury is a fact of life for construction workers. The combined construction trades — including laborers, electricians, roofers, painters, etc. —, logging, and fishing rank as one of the most dangerous occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s why the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act, and the regulations supporting it, are long; why safety meetings are mandatory, and why workers operating machinery on construction sites have to be trained and certified. Nevertheless, even with all of those protections, workers still get killed or seriously injured.

Of all work-related deaths, 13 percent are from falls and 11 percent are from being struck by an object or equipment. In 2012, more construction workers died than in any other occupation. If working in construction causes that many deaths, just imagine how many serious injuries occur on construction sites.

To prove a construction injury, an experienced personal injury attorney interviews the client, retains an investigator to talk to everyone on the construction site, looks at the L & I — or workmen’s comp reports — and usually hires a safety or construction expert to analyze who was responsible. The responsible parties may be other subcontractors and their employees, the landowner, or the general contractor.

At Kadish Twersky Law Firm, an Everett personal injury law firm, we have handled many construction site injuries, from those that happened in home remodels to those commercial remodels, original construction, highways, and more. Our clients come from all trades. As experienced Everett construction site injury attorneys, we strive to ensure our clients get the best possible recovery.

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