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What is Recreational Immunity?

By Glenn Kadish on

Living in the Northwest means being outside, especially now that summer is quickly approaching. Whether you enjoy camping, fishing, picnicking, swimming, hiking, bicycling, hunting, skateboarding, hang gliding, paragliding, ultralight flying, rock climbing, horse riding, clam digging, etc., Washington has it all. It’s understandable then, that Legislature would pass the Recreational Immunity Act. The Recreational Immunity …

Frivolous Lawsuits v. Frivolous Defenses

By Glenn Kadish on

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, television commercials, or online ads, you’ve most likely heard about “frivolous lawsuits” for personal injuries. The insurance industry and Fortune 500 companies have been spending millions of dollars over the last three or four decades to indoctrinate the public against “frivolous lawsuits”. The most often used example …

What is Personal Injury?

By Glenn Kadish on

Personal injury is the legal term used when people are hurt because someone did something they should not, or did not do something that they should have. The law says that people are allowed to bring a lawsuit in order to receive fair compensation for their injuries. This comes out of a tradition going back …

Common Carrier Injuries

By Glenn Kadish on

If you have ever traveled on a ferry, cruise ship, airplane, bus, train, taxicab, elevator, escalator, etc., then you have been on what is known as a “common carrier”. A common carrier is an entity whose business transports people or goods from one place to another for a fee. Common carriers are held to a …

Bicyclists, Skateboarders, and Pedestrians, Oh My!

By Glenn Kadish on

When it comes to navigating their way through the streets, bicyclists, skateboarders, and pedestrians seem like fairly disparate groups, right? As personal injury lawyers in Everett, we find that many people aren’t aware that traffic laws are actually similar for all three groups. What they have in common, as far as the law is concerned, …

The Importance of Juries

By Glenn Kadish on

The American legal system cannot operate unless citizens sit on juries, hear the evidence, and reach a decision. It is one of the highest duties that we have as citizens. As personal injury lawyers in Everett, we believe in the jury system. The jury system began in England as a way to stop the Crown …

Beware the Dangers of Semi-Trucks

By Glenn Kadish on

It’s common to see semi-trucks on the roads. Tractor-trailer combinations are one of the most common means of transport for freight and goods in North America. There are special requirements for drivers of semi-trucks. They must have Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL), and specialized training. Drivers – and the trucks themselves – are governed by both …

Signs You May Have a Traumatic Brain Injury

By Glenn Kadish on

Have you been in a collision or maybe hit your head on something when you fell? Perhaps you felt groggy for a while, are suffering from headaches, nausea, or memory loss. Is your brain is telling you to say something but you aren’t able to say the words out loud? If so, you may have …

Washington’s Sorry Wrongful Death Law

By Glenn Kadish on

The relationship between parents and their children is one of the most powerful bonds that can be found – often thought of as “unbreakable”. These relationships last a lifetime, and in many cases, grow stronger with the passing years. So, it’s easy to understand why one of the most nightmarish things that can happen to …

Are Schools Responsible When a Student Gets Hurt?

By Glenn Kadish on

What happens if a student is seriously injured at school? Can the school be responsible for the child’s injuries? Should it be? In many situations, the answer is yes, schools are responsible. The State of Washington recognizes that there is a unique relationship between a school and its students. The relationship is not voluntary, because …


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