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Signs You May Have a Traumatic Brain Injury

By Glenn Kadish on

Have you been in a collision or maybe hit your head on something when you fell? Perhaps you felt groggy for a while, are suffering from headaches, nausea, or memory loss. Is your brain is telling you to say something but you aren’t able to say the words out loud? If so, you may have a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

While the technical term that doctors and lawyers use is mild traumatic brain injuries, people who experience them usually don’t think of them as mild at all. Brain injuries can seriously alter a person’s life. While mTBIs can be triggered by a concussion, there are often no obvious injuries to your head or anywhere else on your body, and you may not even realize that you have an mTBI until one of your friends or family members notices something different about you and speaks up.

If an mTBI lasts more than a few months, it could impact your life in significant ways. From unexplained pain, to memory loss and confusion – your symptoms could even affect important relationships with your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers.

How can you treat an mTBI?
First and foremost, do not hide your symptoms – tell your doctor about them right away. Monitoring your symptoms with the assistance of a doctor is crucial, as it can help to indicate which part of your brain is affected. Your doctor can help you find the right treatment, which may include medication, cognitive therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Specialists who evaluate and treat mTBIs, such as neurologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, optometrists, and speech therapists can also be a great resource.

At Kadish Twersky, we’ve represented many people with mTBIs as traumatic brain injury attorneys in Everett. If you’ve suffered any type of brain trauma and need an experienced law team on your side, call our personal injury firm in Everett for a free consultation. We have over 75 years of combined experience as personal injury lawyers and we are here to help you.

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