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Everett, WA Injury Attorneys for Serious Accidents


Serious Personal Injury Attorney in Everett, Washington

Serious personal injuries—also known as catastrophic injuries—resulting from auto accidents or other types of accidents can be heartbreaking. These serious personal injuries can leave victims with lives which are changed forever. Those who suffer catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of another may never again have a life which comes close to the life which was taken from them. They may be unable to return to their former career, unable to care for their children, and even unable to care for themselves. There may be a relatively short window of time in a case involving serious personal injuries.

Evidence can, unfortunately, be lost over time, leaving victims of catastrophic injury unable to resume their normal life, unable to pay for necessary medical treatments, and even unable to pay normal monthly expenses because they are unable to return to work. The serious accident and injury attorneys at Kadish Twersky offer more than 30 years of experience with catastrophic injuries. We aggressively represent seriously injured clients, filing lawsuits against insurance companies, manufacturers or other liable parties. We are experienced litigators who know how to obtain results after a traumatic accident.

If you have suffered serious personal injury as the result of an accident, product defect or the negligent behavior of another party, it is your right to seek compensation in the form of monetary damages.  Serious or traumatic injuries can result in the need for extended, or even lifelong, care. The Kadish Twersky serious accident injury attorneys are ready to assist with your claim; our goal is to recover the compensation you need and deserve for the pain and suffering your catastrophic injury has caused you. The Kadish Twersky attorneys have recently merged with Palace Law. This merger significantly increases the benefits for our clients, as our team has expanded to include even more experienced, knowledgeable attorneys.

Which Injuries Are Considered Serious or Catastrophic?

Injuries which lead to severe brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, loss of limbs, loss of vision, or even paralysis can be devastating for the victim (and his or her family members), leading to chronic, intense pain, years and years of medical treatments, and even psychological trauma. In most catastrophic injury cases, the person at fault for the injuries rarely has sufficient insurance to cover the actual cost of the injuries and damages. You need an attorney who will aggressively fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

Aside from brain and spinal cord injuries, loss of limbs, paralysis and blindness there are other injuries which qualify as catastrophic. These include multiple bone fractures, neurological traumas and severe injury from burns, including chemical burns. A victim of traumatic brain injury can suffer drastic personality changes and varying degrees of memory loss, while a spinal cord injury can result in temporary, partial, full or permanent paralysis.

Even a herniated disc could potentially bring serious levels of pain which never goes away and is truly a debilitating injury. What all of these injuries have in common is that they have long-term or life-long implications, requiring that the victim receive specialized medical care for long periods of time—or forever. In a large majority of catastrophic injuries, the injured person may never be able to return to work and may be considered partially or completely disabled.  The financial consequences of a catastrophic injury will devastate most of those who receive such injuries.

The Long-Term Effects of a Serious Personal Injury

Suffering a serious or catastrophic personal injury can have long-term effects—some which may last a lifetime. Those who are involved in an accident that leaves them with serious personal injuries may not be able to return to their job for a significant length of time—or even forever. The loss of a job can result in the inability to pay basic monthly expenses—rent, mortgage, utilities, food, and insurance, to name a few. Medical expenses can mount alarmingly following an accident with serious injuries, and for certain injuries, those expenses can be expected to continue for a very long time.

There may be multiple surgical procedures, regular doctor visits and rehabilitation therapies that the victim is unable to pay. There may be emotional changes and personality changes that are difficult for the victim as well as his or her loved ones. There may be a necessity for assistive devices in the home—again, a significant expense. So, while money will not change what happened, it can certainly make life much easier for the victim of serious injuries as well as his or her family members.

Why Choosing the Best Attorney is Crucial to the Success of Your Serious Injury Claim

If you have been the victim of catastrophic injuries and are considering filing a claim in order to cover your expenses, your choice of an attorney can make all the difference in how your case resolves. When choosing your attorney, you must first consider the experience he or she brings to the table. There is a fairly steep learning curve in cases that are considered catastrophic; they are different from your “average” personal injury case in specific ways. You want an attorney who has plenty of solid trial experience handling serious injury cases like your own, as well as an attorney fully understands the long-term implications of your injuries.

How Kadish Twersky Can Help Following a Catastrophic Injury

Your attorney must have sufficient knowledge and background to handle a case of this magnitude; although your attorney is unlikely to be a doctor, economist or rehabilitation specialist he or she must nonetheless have enough knowledge in these fields to be able to identify the specific questions which must be asked and answered, as well as which areas need investigation. The attorney you choose must have sufficient resources to be able to obtain detailed accident investigation accounts, complete medical evaluations and the highest quality expert witnesses—all of which can influence your case in a major way.

It would not be to your advantage to hire an attorney that might want to incorporate these resources but simply didn’t have the time or money to build a solid case. The Kadish Twerksy/Palace Law attorneys can build a solid case on your behalf. We understand what you need and will do our best to ensure you receive the best medical care, as well as a financial settlement which will pay for your care, now and in the future. Contact the Washington state Kadish Twersky attorneys today for exemplary legal assistance.


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