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Motorcycle Accidents Can Hurt

By Glenn Kadish on

Motorcycle accidents present special challenges for personal injury attorneys representing the rider. Most people think that motorcycles are dangerous, so when a motorcyclist is injured in a collision, that is just to be expected. And it is true that motorcyclists usually suffer more severe injuries in collisions than drivers of cars, pick-ups, or trucks. Motorcycles are harder to see than cars. However, the fact is that motorcyclists are not at fault in the majority of motorcycle accidents.

We recently represented a motorcyclist who was injured when a car made a right turn in front of him. The other driver and his insurance company claimed that our client was at fault because he ran a red light. There were two witnesses to the collision; one said that our client had run a red light, and the other said that our client had a yellow light.

From our investigation, we thought that we could prove that the witness who said our client had the yellow light had the better view of the collision, and that the other driver only looked at the light after the collision. However, our investigation also proved that the driver of the car made a right turn into the left of two lanes. The law requires that he turn into the right lane. Our client was in the left lane. Had the driver of the car obeyed the law, there would not have been a collision, so it did not matter whether the light was yellow or red. With that information, we convinced the insurance company for the driver of the car to pay the policy limits.

Like many motorcyclists, our client did not have insurance on his motorcycle. Washington state does not require that motorcyclists have any insurance on their motorcycles. Our client had a head injury, with memory loss and depression. He also had fractured most of the bones in his face, as well as his collarbone and several ribs. He was in rehabilitation for more than a year, and missed months from work. The other driver’s insurance barely paid for the medical bills.

As experienced accident attorneys, we recommend that all motorcyclists buy personal injury protection insurance to pay medical bills and wage loss when they are injured in a collision and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance to protect themselves from situations like this. Other drivers have a hard time seeing motorcycles, and when they can’t see you, the result can be disastrous.

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