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Everett Burn Victims Attorneys

Everett Burn Victims Attorneys

Were you burned in an accident or because someone or some company was negligent? In that case you will require legal representation from an experienced attorney. Incidents leading to victims suffering burns often happen because of poor warning signs or commercial negligence. Jeff Twersky and Glenn Kadish are highly professional attorneys who can help you with your claim and litigation.

Kadish Twersky Law Firm offers burn victims representation in Washington State, including Everett, Snohomish County, King County and Skagit County. We are experienced lawyers, including claims and settlement cases against powerful insurance companies, corporations and government agencies. We treat every client with integrity, respect and professionalism, as we help you recover the damages you deserve from a burn injury.

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I found Jeff Twersky who took my case without any money up front. He told me my case was complicated, but also told me it had merit. Both Jeff and Glenn Kadish worked on my case, so I ended up with a reasonable settlement and a positive experience.


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